What happens if you let a thousand people manifest their dreams about a free society right in the middle of a modern metropolis ?

You get CHRISTIANIA - the western world's longest existing free society, starting 1971.

In the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark, the free city is alive and well, now in its 48th year. Over 700 adults and 200 children live here on 80 acres of land, five minutes from town center. Kindergarten, restaurants, cafés, health clinic, communal bathhouse, bakery, bicycle factory, social welfare office, post office, cinema, theater, florist - these are just a few of the facilities, outside normal law and order. But also the Pusher Street with its sale of hashish is shown (at the time it existed openly), including battles with the police ...

This is a warm film about a hot topic: Is a free society possible today ? It still exists. See for yourself.

Wiping out the policeAlternative houses by the water

Besides this film other short films and footage from Christiania have been produced. If you are preparing either a tv film or programme about this theme (free cities, youth revolt/ protests, alternative living etc.), you are very welcome to contact me for requests or professional assistance.

Nils Vest, producer/director

Other requests: Phone +45 32 95 65 07 /

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